Hello! Victoria here and I have a problem – I love learning. Once I got a taste for school, I couldn’t stop. If I look at something long enough, I want to know how it works. When was it created? Why is it set up this way? This is my journey of curious discovery shared with you!bitmoji-20190112051632

Why am I doing this? After graduating with my Bachelors in Science of Education English Degree and my 5-8 English teaching license, it only took one year before I got bored and went back to school. Three years later, I graduated with my Masters in Library Science and my K-12 School Library License. One semester later, I went back again to complete a STEM and Library Collaboration graduate certificate. Two and a half college degrees, and a few years of teaching later, my brain needs stimulation (and our bank account can’t afford another student loan). I’ve tried crafts, reading books, cooking, diy fails, but none of it quite scratches the itch and I end up back online researching doctoral programs.

Today I’m a high school librarian, and I get to help students and staff be curious every day. Together we argue about the distribution of power in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, we discover the terminal velocity of the largest and smallest Pokemon, and we learn 101 ways to care for a Gecko. During a regular day in the library we might Breakout of the boring classroom, get our hands dirty during Make-it day, and maybe turn green with envy with a green screen.

I love my job, and I still want to keep learning, so I’m bringing the curiosity to you. On this blog you will find posts of discovery, research about what intrigues me, and hopefully learn something you never knew you didn’t know. Want to join in on the fun? Let me know what you’re curious about and I’ll see what I can find.

Go forth and be curious!